Phil's Head Shaving Story

Phil Curly’s head-shaving experience.

Sixteen years ago (1990)I had a quite traumatic loss in my life, and as a result my curly dark hair began to thin quite drastically. It was already thinning a bit on the crown and hairline, but accelerated fast after then.

I head read about men who decided on a Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) look by shaving the top of their head, so I decided to try it, and liked the result. At the same time I grew a beard and mustache to compensate for the loss of hair ‘on top’.

I changed from this:

To this:
and liked it. I still maintained the back & sides to a fairly close trim.

One day about ten years ago, when in a barber’s chair having a trim I impulsively asked him to ‘Take it all off’, so he clipper-shaved me. It was a real turn-on to see myself virtually bald with only very close stubble left. When I got home I got out my shaving lather and razor and shaved slick smooth down to the scalp.

Initially I took a bit of teasing from friends, family and colleagues, but that soon passed when people realised that I was in earnest about being a 100% bald man. I now would look odd with hair, and love my bald persona which I maintain every couple of days with a shave-down.
Bald is beautiful in my opinion and I’ll be this way for the remainder of my life

I’d like to encourage other guys who want the support to take the step to being bald. I might add that a bit of facial hair is a great accessory to a ‘chrome-dome’. Feel free to write to if you want advice and encouragement about becoming a bald guy.


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